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As an international platform, LuxReal is building an Interdisciplinary Real Estate Society and giving you the opportunity to meet your peers from all segments of the real estate industry at national and international level throughout the whole year.

LuxReal is holding four “Think-tank-events” per year with presentations and panel discussions on industry trends for the exchange of information, knowledge and experience within the Real Estate community. To facilitate the national and international collaboration, LuxReal has established cooperation and academic partnerships.

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Exclusive Supporting Members Dinner - 26/11/2019 26 Nov 2019 19:00 - 23:30

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Thank you for doing your registration to the ANNUAL EXCLUSIVE SUPPORTING MEMBERS DINNER. We are delighted to see you.

To avoid unnecessary costs, if you cannot attend, please inform us at at your earliest convenience. Please kindly note that attendance cancellations received less than 24 hours in advance will be charged the full attendance rate.


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 The Executive Board.