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The European real estate investment industry fully supports and appreciates the measures taken thus far by national governments and the European institutions to soften the financial impact of the crisis on the economy in Europe. Our industry is committed to work with policy makers to explore ways that we can most effectively contribute to support businesses, employees and customers as we take steps together to emerge from the crisis and re-start the economy in Europe. We also believe real estate owners should work together with those who use the space they provide, their lenders and investors, and the many specialist firms that supply them with services, labour and materials to ensure that the costs of this crisis do not fall too heavily on any one set of economic actors.

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LuxReal Webinar - What legal impacts in Luxembourg / 7th of May 2020 from 11 to 12h

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Martine Gerber-Lemaire - Managing Partner at DENTONS

Jean-François Trapp - Partner at BAKER & McKENZIE

Moderator: Sven Rein - LuxReal's President



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Vincent Bechet - Managing Director & Partner at INOWAI

Romain Muller- Managing Director at FIRCE CAPITAL FUNDS

Moderator: Sven Rein - LuxReal's President

Building through diversity.

LuxReal was needed as there was a gap that was not covered by existing groups of architects, engineers, financial services professionals and others. Sven Rein LuxReal's President.



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