Become a Member of LuxReal

Join us on Luxembourg's Real Estate Platform to increase the visibility of your company, take advantage of exceptional offers and participate in exclusive events. 

Supporting Members 

Supporting member may be any legal entity, mutual funds represented by their management company or other institution that evinces an interest in the work of the Association.

Membership fee:
1.900€ per year for the companies who have less than 100 employees.
Fee: 2.800€ for those who have more than 100 employees.

Personnal Members 

Any natural person who carries out a profession related to the real estate industry may apply to become a personal member of the Association, so that a positive contribution to achieving the Association's purposes may be expected.

Membership fee: 350€ per year

 Advantages for members
  • Extend your national contacts within the Real Estate Society with an interdisciplinary approach
  • Place your thoughts to form a Luxembourg representation of joint interests
  • Exchange your views on industry trends within the "Think-tank-network"
  • Develop your new contacts through the international cooperation partnerships and discuss working group results at a greater audience
  • Take advantage of your opportunities to access national and cross border vocational training
  • List your contact details in the members directory for Luxembourg’s Real Estate Professionals

Request LuxReal Membership

Request Form

To become a member please follow this registration process:
Please complete the online registration form. If you agree with LuxReal terms and Conditions, click the submit button to request your membership. For supporting members please hand in a copy of your company's Articles of Incorporation by post. 
Thereafter a confirming email of your registration will be automatically sent to you. Please activate the link therein to confirm your email address.

According to Article 5 of the Articles of Association the following Membership acceptance procedure will be applied:
Applications for membership shall be directed to the executive board by the person requesting membership.
An applicant for personal membership shall provide evidence of a professional occupation relating to the real estate industry.
In the case of supporting members, the membership application shall name the person who is to represent the applicant.
The executive board shall decide on the acceptance of membership applications at regular executive board meetings. Any decision on the acceptance of a membership application must be unanimous.

All requests for membership will be reviewed in the monthly executive board meetings. After approval of your membership by the LuxReal-Executive Board you will receive a written confirmation and the invoice of the membership fee.
After payment of the membership fee, your password will be sent to your e-mail address. Once you have received your new password you can log in and change it. 


Founding Members

The founding members have been present at the formation of the association on 23 September 2009 and are listed in an appendix A to these Articles of Association. The founding members are at the same time personal members.

Honorary Members

Subject to the agreement of the general assembly, the executive board may appoint as honorary members any Association cooperation partner or any outstanding individual for special service to the Association or for the realisation of the Association's goals. Honorary members are released from the obligation to pay a contribution.