LuxReal x Paperjam + Delano’s Real Estate Awards 2023, a competition to reward real estate in Luxembourg

To celebrate quality and commitment in the real estate industry, LuxReal and Paperjam + Delano have joined forces to organise a new competition called LuxReal × Paperjam + Delano's Real Estate Awards. In the following categories: Building: Best Offices Building, Best Residential Building, Best Retail & Mixed-use Building, Best Sustainable Building, Best Special projects & other usages Building; Funds: Best Innovative strategy, Best ESG Strategy and  People: Best personal contribution/ LuxReal Personality of the Year Award. 

The first Real Estate award ceremony will take place on Wednesday 27th September 2023 at Casino 2000.

Ready to be known as the best in the Real estate industry?   


How to enter a project?

Choose category(-ies)

Find those that reflect your organisation’s success. You may enter as many initiatives as you wish. Also, you may submit the same entry across multiple categories, if it applies.

Submit your pre-entry form

Once you click on your category, you will gain access to the pre-entry form. After filling it, you will receive the final form.

Pay and submit your entry form

Once you pay for your category(ies), you will gain access to the form via email. The finl form is your key to impressing the judges, so make the best of it! Present all the valid reasons why your initiative should be highly appreciated and awarded.  

Who can apply?

Who is the competition for?

The competition is open for all real estate developments in Luxembourg which were delivered between the 1st of January 2019 and the 31st of December 2022.

Who can apply?

The property owner or project developer may nominate and submit for the awards.

The project architect assuming the executive responsibilities may submit for the awards under the consent of the owner.

Competition rules

Please make sure to comply with the competition rules before applying.

Categories of 2023 Real Estate Awards

There are 8 categories to choose from; you can find the best match for the achievements you want to present. 
Candidates can apply by filling the final Form.

Before the ceremony, a professional and independent jury composed of top real estate professionals in Luxembourg, will vote.

Best Offices Building

This category includes office buildings and parks. It is only valid for complete building blocks. The part of office surfaces must be at least 80%.


Best Retail & Mixed-use Building

This category includes all sizes and types of retail projects (Pop Up stores, food, fashion, lifestyle….) and all mixed-use buildings with at least 3 different uses/functions that are physically and functionally integrated. One use can not exceed 50% of the whole building. For example, a development that mixes residential, commercial, office and retail uses. Ancillary facilities and service points that are provided in accordance with the authority's requirements or for the convenience of the residences cannot be counted as a principal use/function. 
Shopping centres and Hotels are not included in this category (they shall be submitted in the Best special Project and other usages Building.)


Best residential Builing

This category includes exclusively residential buildings.


Best Special projects & other usages Building

For projects/buildings that do not fit into another category. For example, a hotel and ‘appartement de service’, hospital, airport, railway station, university, school, shopping centre, etc. Buildings that already have their own respective categories, they cannot be accepted in this category.


Best Sustainable Building

Projects or buildings incorporating a minimum of 25% of renewable and recycled resources, being highly energy efficient, using environmentally friendly and green certified materials, etc.


Best Innovative strategy (Funds)

For a Real Estate fund and its manager domiciled in Luxembourg and launched between 1st January 2019 and 31st December 2022 with real innovation in its strategy and/or structure (asset classes and geography targeted, format and structure, allocation model, performance, and risks…).


Best ESG strategy (Funds)

This award seeks to recognize and reward a manager who has launched between 1st January 2019 and 31st December 2022 a Real Estate fund which is domiciled in Luxembourg with a strong ESG strategy either on Environmental or Social aspects. It should demonstrate excellence on the topic and best practises (setting targets, reporting, measurement…).


Best personal contribution / LuxReal Personality of the Year Award

To honour the person of the year 2022 in terms of remarkable contribution to the Luxembourg real estate industry. LuxReal Supporting members will be asked to provide a name (should they wish so). Although the number of votes received will be a key element (and driving factor), the right to designate the personality of the Year 2022 rests with LuxReal board, acting in its own discretion.


Submission of entries and files 
From Thursday 1st December 16:00 until Monday 15th May 2023

Award ceremony 
Wednesday 27th September 2023 at Casino 2000